Testimonials we love our customers and thankfully they love us as well

SO…. we met the MOST amazing landscape design and garden group when we were in Charlotte. Co-owners Michael Autrey and Mark Kemp know their stuff when it comes to elegant landscape design and gardens. ~Ryland Woodard
I recently moved to an older home with more than 42 boxwoods, some more than 12 feet in circumference. I was overwhelmed at the amount of work they took, but then I met Mark Kemp of Autrey Kemp. Now he makes regular appearances in my garden to feed and care for them. Mark made my sick boxwoods well and keeps the others strong and healthy. I even had to replace a few and the ones he brought were beautiful. The best part, however, is that I never have to call and remind him to come-he just shows up. Autrey Kemp has certainly made my life easier. ~May Barger
The guys at Autrey Kemp are top notch when it comes to growing and selling boxwoods. As a landscape designer, I know I can always depend on the quality of their plant material, whether it’s a small garden or a large landscape…these guys consistently have the best boxwoods around! My clients trust me with their gardens and landscapes, so I have to trust my growers. Mike and Mark grow their products so well that the trust my clients instill in me can be fulfilled with the plant material I bring to the landscape. I appreciate all they do for my business and I always look forward to my next truckload of boxwoods! ~James T. Farmer